Why is a New Station Important?


What is Next and why is it important to YOU?

We are dedicated to serving each and every person that is in our response area with every request for service, and we need your help to continue to provide you with the service you deserve! Our station was built in 1964 and it has served us well for 53 years, however we have come to a time where our vehicles, equipment and personnel have outgrown it. 

As the years have passed we have added equipment to better serve you with every need you may have from us, we have enhanced our training to be better prepared to handle any emergency that may arise and we are constantly adding members to our roster to respond to your call for help. All of this is what you deserve from a department that is dedicated to helping others and has for 53 years. What we now face is the fact that our trucks are larger, our need for equipment is stronger and our members are more, but our station can grow no more. We are now taxed with limited parking for our members, limiting our equipment to what will fit in our smaller bay doors and restricting the use of our station to just the basic of services. 

Our members have worked long and hard to produce what we feel is a practical, efficient and community oriented station plan that will enable us to better serve those in our community and those that call for our services, whether it is an Emergency or a Non- emergency. This new station will be built on land just a short distance from our current location on Old Hwy 52 Bypass that we own. 

Our current station is a 3 level station that houses its meeting room and kitchen on the upper level with 2 restrooms and parking for approximately 9 vehicles. 

The second level houses one office that is shared by all 6 officers, along with the Treasurer, Secretary, Training Officer, Equipment Officer, Communications Officer and all files. 

Our lower level is 6 vehicle bays that are very narrow and shallow that house 2 Rescue Trucks, 2 Ambulances, 1 Quick Response Vehicle, An ATV rescue vehicle and Trailer, First Aid supplies, All truck maintenance supplies, and an area for members to complete their reports. We have also added a small garage area that houses our main rescue boat and other supplies. There is limited parking for approximately 7 vehicles of members on the lower level to allow for apparatus to respond safely. 

Just to explain a part of our need, If we need to respond our ATV to an emergency call, it takes at least 3 members to move to 2 rescue trucks from the truck bays, physically pull by hand the ATV trailer out of its area to the bay door, pull the QRV out of the bay and attached the ATV trailer, pull the ATV trailer out of the station, then load the ATV and secure it. All this before it can be responded to a scene. This also has to be repeated for one of our boats, and due to the location and size of the added structure the Rescue Boat also requires an extended time. 

With the new station design we will have enough room to simply back up to the ATV trailer, and Boats, attach them and respond. It also will allow apparatus to be expanded to match todays needs.

We are proud to say that this design is basic and well thought. It is one level, easily assessable for all members and the community. It allows for vehicles to be housed without the danger of damage from close quarters, allows ample space for parking without safety concerns of oncoming traffic, and provides office space and storage for all supplies that are required to provide you the service you deserve.